Whether watching bands perform at the historic Summerfest or listening to his parents' record collection of 60’s and 70’s R&B and soul, Sean Parks was steadily surrounded by music growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Eventually, he learned to play the alto sax and then the electric guitar which lead him to form a rock band in his teenage years. Before long, after one of many trips to Chicago, Sean discovered the rich and vibrant house music scene the Windy City had to offer.

Having now spent more than half of his life in Chicago, DJing underground house is where Parks has found his niche. Heavily influenced by the sounds of late night warehouses and early morning house parties from coast to coast, Sean has been playing an eclectic style of house music since the early 2000’s. All he wants is to make you dance and have a memorable time while playing everything from funk, deep, soul, tech and whatever else he discovers that seems to fit. Playing major clubs such as Smart Bar in Chicago to DJing in Miami during MMW/WMC has helped Sean to gain recognition across the nation.